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About Us

The Way to Great Coffee

Each batch of coffee is roasted in small amounts and meticulously accounted for. Handcrafted means just that.  We quality control each roast and hand pack each bag. 

This process starts with tasting.  We taste many different coffees from every corner of the earth, looking for the right green coffee.  We seek out reputable green coffee importers who have relationships with small farmers, ensuring that all beans are sourced by farmers being paid sustainable and fair trade amounts. 

We roast at the Regalia Roasting Collective in Long Island City, Queens where our carefully sourced green coffee turns into delicious coffee for you.  The roasting space is shared by many local roasters and offers monthly cuppings and sessions with green bean suppliers.

Though at the heart of it, our roasting process is sensory driven, we utilize state of the art roasting technology to ensure you're receiving the best coffee.

Our Story

As a software consultant, I've spent a lot of time away from home.  Much of the time in the early hours before work was spent driving around cities, trying different local roasters out.  When I'd come home to Long Island and visit friends and family, I felt some of that coffee culture seen in so many other cities, just wasn't there.  Waypost is my attempt to bring locally roasted, carefully sourced coffees back to my home.  Coffee doesn't have to taste burnt and doesn't have to come from companies so big that there are locations every other block.  Let us show you the way to great coffee.


Giving Back

With every bag of coffee sold Waypost donates a percentage to various community outreach programs focused on underprivileged youth.