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Name Your Own Tasting Notes

Thank you for your support.  A little bit goes a long way.  At Waypost, we are proud to support the efforts of GLITS.

How to play:

1) Brew a cup or a pot of the Nansebo Solena and enjoy.

2) Take note of any lingering tastes on your tongue after you sip. Sometimes we taste different fruits/flavors that aren't actually in the cup.  Like a good wine or bourbon, you might taste different things with each sip.

3) Wait until it cools and taste it again. A good coffee can "open up" and taste even better as it gets closer to room temperature.

4) Visit the page below and tell us what you're tasting.  Have fun, be creative!  There are no wrong answers. 


The deadline to submit your tasting notes is November 23rd.  A winner will be selected by GLITS on November 26th. 

One lucky winner gets a 6 month subscription and will name the tasting notes of our next coffee.

Submit your tasting notes here!


To make a donation to GLITS or find out more, visit: