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Kolla Bolcha Lot #6 - Ethiopia
Kolla Bolcha Lot #6 - Ethiopia

Kolla Bolcha Lot #6 - Ethiopia

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Agaro, Ethiopia
Altitude: 1900-2200 MASL
Process: Washed
Varietal: Ethiopia Landraces

Tasting Notes: Lavender, Ginger, Blackberry, Black Tea

Best Brewed As: Drip, Pourover (iced), Espresso

Fresh crop Ethiopian is always exciting and this one from Kolla Bolcha is stunning.  Florals will wake your palate up, while a lingering black tea note with just a hint of ginger and blackberry will leaving you wanting another sip.

This is one you'll have no trouble finding the tasting notes.

From our friends at Red Fox: 

'Historically one of the most coveted coffees in all of Western Ethiopia, Kolla Bolcha membership did such an amazing job with production, and processing over the last decade that the tremendous premiums they were receiving caused their membership to swell to a level that pushed their capacity as far as it could go.

Part of the larger Agaro region in Jimma, these coffees have always formed a core of the Red Fox menu. In fact, our relationship with Agaro extends back far before Red Fox was born. In 2009 when Aleco first traveled to meet the people behind Kolla Bolcha, their coffees were flowing into the marketplace undifferentiated and undervalued.

Processing is meticulous in Agaro, after Penagos processing equipment mechanically removes most of the fruit and mucilage from the seeds, they soak overnight in fiberglass tanks, allowing any remaining sugars to be fully removed from their surface so that the coffees are perfectly clean by the time they hit the drying beds for the 8+ days they’ll need to dry."